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A Guide To The Towns Of Gorham, Berlin, Jefferson, Randolph & Shelburne, NH

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The Gorham Area
Welcomes You
to New Hampshire!

Spend your vacation in the Gorham NH area, and you will find great value for your dollar and a friendly helpful atmosphere. Still uncrowded and unspoiled by development, the area offers the best of both worlds. Here, the peaceful mountains surround you and you can still find all the conveniences and amenities you need at a reasonable price.

Step into another world north of the “notch” where you’ll enjoy nearby family attractions, outdoor facilities, museums, plays and concerts. Here you can relax, unwind ... and forget the fast paced world you left behind... stay longer, drive less!

Surrounded by the spectacular White Mountains, Gorham is located on the north end of the Presidential Range. The center of this range is dominated by the highest mountain in the northeastern U.S., Mount Washington, and is only a scenic 10 minute drive south from town. Wherever you go, there are beautiful vistas at every turn.

You can connect with snowmobile corridors right outside your door, or arrange a shuttle to your favorite hiking trail. A 5 minute drive gets you to the USFS Visitor Center, and 5 minutes more takes you to the Appalachain Mountain Club Visitor Center, Wildcat Mountain or Great Glen Trails!

Mt. Washington

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Mt. Washington
~Mount Washington~ At 6,288' above sea level, Mt. Washington is the highest peak in the northeastern U.S. It's claim to fame is the world's highest surface wind and velocity ever recorded, a speed of 231 mph in 1934. Reaching well above the treeline, views are spectacular.
Every year, people drive or ride to the top, race by foot and bicycle, and hike or climb by various trails. You can take the Mt. Washington Auto Road or ride the Cog Railway from Bretton Woods.
Alyssa Breton
~Mt. Washington Observatory maintains a weather station on top of the mountain and a natural laboratory research facility to study weather phenomena. Visit the summit museum which displays many interesting facts about the mountain and it's history.

Be sure to visit www.mountwashington.org for up to date info regarding the observatory
Mt. Washington observatory
Mt. Washington Observatory (above) Deborah Ryan

Tuckermans Ravine, Pinkham Notch, NH

~Presidential Range~
With Mt. Washington at it's center, this mountain range is one of the most dramatic in the east. Reaching well above the treeline, the Appalachian Trail winds among these peaks, all named for former Presidents: Monroe, Franklin, Eisenhower, Clay, Jefferson, Adams, and Madison

Tuckerman Ravine & Hermit Lake Shelter(left)
Deborah Ryan

Glen Ellis Falls, PinkhamNotch, NH
~Tuckerman's Ravine~
shown above and right
This ravine on the east side of Mt. Washington rises steeply from the timber line & gathers snow all winter. It is a favorite of skiers & snow boarders, who hike to the ravine into late spring when the snow is scarce. www.friendsoftuckerman.org www.mountwashingtonavalanchecenter.org
Tuckerman's Ravine, Gorham, NH
  ~Glen Ellis Falls~ shown left
A short walk from Rt. 16 parking areas takes you along the Ellis River and down the base of this dramatic waterfall.
Deborah Ryan
Robert Kozlow

~Shelburne Birches~
shown right and below
A memorial park to honor local war veterans, this stretch of Rt. 2 in Shelburne is lined with beautiful white birch. Undergoing renovation since 1998, areas have been thinned to encourage growth of more birch trees.
Shelburne, NH birches

~Railroad Museum~
See varied memorabilia from the time when railroads were the main form of transportation. Across from Gorham Town Common on Railroad St. 603-466-5338
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Shelburne, NH birches
Alyssa Breton
Alyssa Breton      
Dan Millet

Gorham, NH

Alyssa Breton

Shelburne, NH

Alyssa Breton

Shelburne, Nh

The Imp Face A
natural rock outcropping that resembles an impish face. Visible from Dolly Copp Campground and accessible from the Imp Trail on Route 16
The Old Man of the Valley is yet another of New Hampshire's natural outcroppings that resembles a face.
The Stone Fish is the last standing of three stone creatures that
once graced the town
of Shelburne.
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Great North Woods Gateway

It's worth a drive north on Route 16 to the Great North Woods Region. North of the towns of Berlin and Milan, enjoy a drive along the Androscoggin River thru 13 Mile Woods to it's source: Umbagog Lake. See eagles, moose, and other wildlife. Enjoy the peaceful views and uncrowded roads in this forested corner of northern New Hampshire.

Great North Woods, NH
 Androscoggin River, 13 Mile Woods,  Deborah Ryan

For More Information on Northern NH See www.northofthenotchesnh.com


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